These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

1. Hats with Pom-Poms. Because who doesn’t like hats with pom-poms! These adorable Christmas time perfections are on sale now at Anthropologie and I’m pretty much in love with them in every color. Might have to make myself a knock off.24277285462994862_yv1Mq9aQ_c

2. Crocheted Mittens! Because knitters can’t have ALL the fun! I CANNOT wait to try out these little treats. They’re pretty much the cutest present you can make someone not only because they’re hand made, but because they defy the law that mittens and gloves were destined for the two needle crafter. Welcome to the new world of crochet! Grab the FREE Pattern HERE!


3. Mini crocheted/knit ornaments! These babies I found on etsy, but I’ve been craving to make a set of my own. I love the idea of anything miniature and love it even more when they allow me to use my crafting expertise.


4. BLANKETS! Correction *CUTE* blankets. No matter how cold it is outside, no one wants to sit under an ugly throw. I’ve loved finding cute little patterns that show the perfect solution. This one is a bit springy for right now, but I think with the right color combination (robin’s egg blue and white?) it could be a winter classic!


5. Combining cute print fabrics with crochet! I really want to use this technique with a laptop case. There are some extremely beautiful and cute fabrics available at local crafts stores right now and I love the look of combining the sewing world with the yarn world. Fantastic. Can’t wait to try it out! 146226319122524348_9y3K3DLW_c

I am seriously so excited for the crafting season of Christmas! Check back later to see some of these fun ideas come to play in my workshop of yarn and needles!


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