Kodak Instant Film

Have you ever bought something cheap, thinking that by buying it you’re saving a whole bunch of  money in the end? It just needs a few fix ups, a little bit of TLC. And then you end up spending more money in the end than if you had bought it brand new? Behold. Such an item. Originally I was in love with this old vintage Kodak instant camera, but after investing in film up the ying-yang this is what I got. And so I started the “No Kodak Left Behind” project. Developments that would otherwise be thrown to the wayside, being preserved and loved. Have any spares? Send them my way!








4 thoughts on “Kodak Instant Film

    • They’re my little misfits. Love them none the less 🙂 It was fun playing around with the vintage film and learning about the history of instant film with Kodak (normally you only hear about Polaroid). Learning and art. I love it!

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