DIY Travel Journal


As any adventurer would, I love being able to collect and gather my travel experiences so I can revisit them in the future. I wanted to make a cute travel journal for the traveler who is ready to go on their next venture, but I couldn’t find any decent pieces online that weren’t $50. So I grabbed the nearest thing to me (a pillsbury toaster strudel box) and started to create. Here’s what I came up with! Enjoy!

What you will need: 

+A Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Box



+Brown Paper (from a bag, or other paper for the exterior of the journal)

+Any little bits and pieces you want to include (vintage postcards, notes, pictures etc.)


DSC_12431. Start out by cutting the box apart as shown below. Measuring out how tall you’d like your journal. I made mine about 7.5″.

DSC_12472.  With brown paper (or whatever paper you would like on the outside), lay flat and trace about a 1″ perimeter around the outside of the cardboard you just cut from the box. Center the piece of cardboard and glue. Glue the surrounding pieces of brown paper after folding over the edges, glue them over as well, so the piece is covered on the outside completely…

DSC_12483.  Cut a piece of fabric you’d like to use as the inside lining of the journal. The piece should be about 1/2″ – 1″ from the outside edge of the cardboard (overlapping the brown paper you just folded in from the outside). Fold under fabric edges and sew or glue down to secure.

DSC_12494. OPTIONAL: Sew down the edges of the piece 1.5″ to create an area you can keep pencils. This is optional, but a fun detail to add!

DSC_12545. Insert any other special details to the inside at this point, before you start adding pages.

DSC_12536. Cut several pages that are 10″ long and as 1/2″ less than the height you made your journal.  Fold each piece in half.

DSC_12467. Here comes the fun part! Decorating! Grab all your stamps, all your pictures and vintage anything and start glueing, drawing and taping them in! Remember to leave room for writing, though (this is a journal, after all).

DSC_12578. Let all pages dry COMPLETELY! Decorate the outside of your journal (the part that’s covered in brown paper). This is when I hand sewed on a button and tied some string long enough to wrap around the whole journal and wrap around the button. I used embroidery thread. After adding all your details, let dry COMPLETELY! I used clothespins to keep everything in shape while the glue was drying.

DSC_12559.  Connect pages and glue in using this awesome tutorial! Even though it’s for mini books, the same idea works with larger books like this one!

Travel Journal210. After letting everything dry, enjoy! You’ve just created your very own travel journal for just some creativity and resourcefulness. Happy creating! (Here are the finished pictures of mine!

DSC_1302 Front Cover Travel Journal




Finished up sewing my backpack! What do you guys think?!