Live Painting

This is me with the finished product of a live painting I did a while back. It was so much fun, and I got to hand my painting off to someone else to enjoy!



Yarn Bombing

Today I decided to yarn bomb the nearest item to my person…which happened to be my baby Nikon. I love this camera so much, but it kills me inside every time I take it anywhere because I’m so scared that the screen is going to get scratched. Now that problem is evaded thanks to my newest experiment with yarn. I actually really like this wool cover I made. It connects with nude colored buttons to the back and bottom of the piece so it can easily be put on and off, making taking pictures safer ( and cuter!) that ever!







Finished my new quilt! I challenged myself to make it for under $50 and totally met the challenge! The fabric for the squares I bought mostly at thrift stores and the remainder I bought at a local fabric store. The backing is a sheet I bought at Ross. Love making beautiful things out of nothing!

Model Behavior


I’m such a fan of cameras. I’ve always loved taking photos and having them taken. So, when I heard about an opportunity to do some modeling for an etsy shop I immediately raised my (digital) hand. Yesterday was day 1 of the shoot, and Friday will be part 2. Also, for volunteering they gave me a vintage faux fur coat. There’s a pic below. I’m mildly in love.